Forget bath bombs: Create your own crystal-charged wellness routine instead

Crystals have become popular among people opting for natural ways to deal with stress and manage moods. These are often worn as jewelry or placed on work desks in hopes of warding off negative energy. Recently, a number of Instagram influencers have also begun using crystals in the bath, surrounding their tubs with these solid materials to, according to Little Box of Rocks, “give you the opportunity to recharge your life force.”

JustBe esthetician Negin Niknejad even tells Vogue that these will “emit positive energy, leaving you in high spirits.”

There are also rules in prepping your crystal bath. The Traveling Witch explained that you should clean off any dirt and check for cracks on the crystals beforehand so they don’t contaminate the bath water. You should also make sure they are safe for water as they might get wet. You can also light scented candles and use essential oils to amplify the crystals’ healing properties.

If you’re planning to relax in a crystal bath next time, here’s a guide on what to bring depending on what you need mentally and emotionally.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is known as the “Crystal of Unconditional Love,” which brings peace and dissolves emotional wounds in the heart chakra. You can place this on your bath tub when you want assistance in self-forgiveness and “replacing lower energy with loving energy.”

Black tourmaline

Vogue noted that black tourmaline can draw out and protect you from negative energy and electromagnetic rays. It’s also great for relieving pain, boosting the immune system, and lessen stress.


Citrine is best used to clear your mind and raise your self-confidence when stress is getting to you. Place this beside you when you’re looking for a boost in creativity and emotional balance to help you focus on work the next day.


This is another crystal you can have by your side if you need more assistance with your focus. Amethyst crystals can help draw out negative thoughts and feelings to clear your mind. Energy Muse suggested to place this by your head so it connects with the crown chakra, an area that “gives us access to higher states of consciousness as we open to what is beyond our personal preoccupations and visions.” Additionally, amethysts can also cure headaches and fatigue.


Carnelian is known for restoring vitality and motivation, and stimulating creativity. This is great for when you’re having writer’s block and need to recharge after a long work week.

Smokey quartz

If you’re feeling anxious, smokey quartz crystals is said to be perfect for bringing emotional calmness and promotes positive thoughts. This is ideal to use when you’re feeling the pain of grief and loss as it will help draw it out and protect you from negative energy in the future.


Photo courtesy of @krystalcrowndesigns’ Instagram account

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