This is where you can spot BB Gandanghari in ‘GLOW’

BB Gandanghari is slowly dominating our streaming services. After appearing in the Amazon Prime series Too Old to Die Young, she was spotted making a cameo in the latest season of Netflix’s GLOW.

In case you haven’t binge-watched GLOW season 3 yet, BB played a fortune teller named Patricia. We’re not spoiling anything but she shared a scene with Allison Brie. Take note: She’s on episode 8!

Meanwhile, BB thanked everyone who took screenshots of her name in the credits and those who tagged her in GLOW-related posts. “I am grateful and thankful to be a part of this super successful show, GLOW! Booking a job is always exciting but booking your favorite show brings the excitement to an entirely different level. Thank you for the shout out, guys‼️” she said.

We can’t wait to see BB to appear in more projects and represent the LGBTQ+ community in bigger titles.


Photo courtesy of BB Gandanghari’s Instagram account

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