Preen picks: Food-related accounts and channels we can’t get enough of

Hey, in case you don’t know, July is Nutrition Month. It’s that time where discussions on all things food are at the forefront. But let’s face it: Food is always relevant. I’m sure your own feed is filled with them. You might even consider yourself a foodie—a term Merriam Webster defines as a “person having an avid interest in the latest food fads.” While the word may seem like some millennial slang, foodie has actually existed in the English dictionary since the early 1980s. But certainly, the term has become ubiquitous in the social media age, where several food bloggers, channels, and accounts have sprung up. Too many, in fact, that it’s getting hard to choose which ones to follow. 

So for this week’s Preen Picks, we asked around the office for specific food related blogs or accounts they highly recommend you should follow—regardless if you consider yourself a foodie or not. 

You suck at cooking

It’s ostensibly a joke cooking channel, but with its clever commentary (which sometimes borders on the philosophical), creative skits, refreshing satire, and highly original takes on basic dishes, I’d say that this is actually one of the most important cooking channels out there. I have a tendency to oversell the things I love but…I don’t know, just watch this guy and judge for yourself. I think we need less self-serious cooking shows. It also helps that most of the things he cooks are vegetarian. You can start with this episode. – Catherine Orda, content creator, FNB Report 

Cupcake Project 

@cupcakeproject is run by baker and food blogger Stefani Pollack. She posts her favorite homemade cupcake, cake, and dessert recipes, and also gives her favorite dessert recommendations. – Fifi Santelices, junior content creator, 

Foodtography School

I love looking at food photography school’s account because their IG grid gradually changes color and it’s so fun to look at. – Sam Ong, photographer 

Food Dude

I absolutely love Angelo Comsti’s Instagram page @fooddudeph. Apart from his expert insight, I also like how the content is varied. One day there could be like a delicacy from Ilocos Region, and the next day there’s a fusion dish from a restaurant in Italy. For photos, I follow Mold Magazine. They do hyperrealist editorialized photos of objects with food. It’s quirky, and weird, but also questions how food should be photographed and whether or not there is a right way to do it. Oh, and New York Times food critique Ligaya Mishan‘s caption and context are on point, too. – Christian San Jose, junior content creator,, Northern Living, Southern Living

I know this sounds really biased, but I really think you should follow Nolisoli if you want to see great food photos on your feed! Plus, what’s cool about Nolisoli’s way of writing about restaurants is that aside from talking about the dishes, we also talk about the stories behind these dishes or restaurants. And you’ll also see all the details you’ll need to know about the restaurant—from cuisine type and price range to its contact details and address. Pretty handy. (Last tidbit: If you check out the site’s City Guide, you’ll see all the restaurants and shops categorized by city. Cool, huh.) – Pau Miranda, associate editor,, Northern Living, Southern Living 


Art by Ida Siasoco

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