Stanning misogyny: Why you should stop

The general rule for the internet is if someone is #cancelledt, they’re #cancelledt—no questions asked. It’s a toxic culture at worst, but there are people that deserve the label and never to be spoken of again. In an ideal world, we wish we can ignore Duterte or Trump until they stop being trash men, but that’s obviously impossible.

However, that isn’t a case with the “Bagel Boss Guy,” who went from being one of the most ridiculed men online to becoming a small-time celebrity.

A little background: Chris Morgan, aka Bagel Boss Guy, became viral after a Bagel Boss customer took a video of him shouting at a female worker. According to a Facebook post, he started flipping out and accusing the woman of “having a smirk” and mocking him. Chris then went on a heated rant claiming that all women laugh at him on dating sites for being short, and he started degrading the women in the room. He also lashed out at the people who were trying to calm him down and kick him out of Bagel Boss because he’s verbally harassing everyone.

The video ended with Chris getting tackled by a customer who towered over him. We’re guessing he was kicked out of the shop shortly after. He later earned the online moniker “Bagel Boss Guy,” similar to the ones given to other White people who’ve created public drama out of nothing. (e.g. “BBQ Becky” and “Cornerstore Caroline“)

Things got worse from there. Netizens later discovered Chris’ YouTube channel where he documents confrontations in a 7-11, a bar, and a library. In these videos, he would throw racist slurs and even called Pakistan a “third-world toilet country.” All the yikes in the planet can’t even describe how messed up this is.

Again, if we’re following the rules of the internet, this sexist and racist man would’ve been #cancelledt into obscurity and would only be remembered by his silly nickname. But the opposite happened.

Since the incident, Chris Morgan has been getting somewhat positive attention. There are now “x things you need to know about him” and Complex also quoted him saying he’s the “modern Martin Luther King of short people.”

This newfound attention he’s gotten has given him the confidence to sign a deal to fight other viral internet stars á la KSI vs Logan Paul. Some netizens have also discovered “fans” taking photos with him—it’s difficult to tell whether they were done for meme-ing purposes or they’re actual supporters. Still, it’s becoming good publicity for him.

The tea is no matter what level of fame he gets from his viral misbehaving, Chris Morgan/Bagel Boss Guy is still a misogynist and racist. If he’s only doing this for show, he’s still someone who’s propagating it in this already hate-filled world. The fact people are suddenly stanning him is…confusing. More so the fact people are using the “give him a break, he might have a mental illness” card.

Now, if Chris is experiencing some sort of illness or trauma, he needs to get help. However, that still doesn’t excuse him for being accountable for his actions. Based on what’s happening, he’s clearly basking in the opportunities and continues to be unapologetic for his poor behavior. Chris bragged to the New York Post that he’s now luckier with the ladies, but TMZ reported he still doesn’t trust them and still blames women for making him angry. Also, he claimed he’s not racist but throws around the N-word like it’s nothing.

Is this guy for real? And why is he becoming more famous now?

It’s obvious Chris is projecting his insecurities onto others. He kept bringing up his height and he’s overcompensating by being obnoxiously loud and shouting at people, particularly minorities. He probably thinks he can do this to anyone because he’s White.

What we’ve also noticed is the other viral people like BBQ Becky and Cornerstore Caroline are all women who were criticized for a bit and then forgotten about after a while. In the case of Bagel Boss Guy, he’s still being mocked on social media because his incident is still new. But it seems the internet has unknowingly opted for the “boys will be boys” mindset because the tone went from anger to sympathy real quick.

How come when it came to BBQ Becky and Cornerstore Caroline, they were branded racist—and deservedly so because that’s what you get for falsely accusing Black people—from start to end? Bagel Boss Guy doesn’t get a free pass because you think his situation, his accent, or his height is funny to you. He admitted to be a misogynist and has taped himself being horrible to a Pakistani cashier.

It’s like US Pres. Donald Trump making the “locker room talk” excuse after he was recorded saying he wanted to grab women by the p*ssy. Many of his supporters, mostly men, backed him up. But when Hillary Clinton’s emails were leaked, many wanted her locked up. When Minnesota Cong. Ilhan Omar was misquoted in saying she supported Muslim terrorist groups, people chanted “send her back” to Somalia.

If there’s anyone you should offer sympathy and support to, it’s the people who are being harassed by the likes of Chris Morgan.


Art by Tricia Guevara

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