Preen Picks: Local queer artists you need to know about

Great queer artists have always existed, but historically, they’re not always as celebrated as their cis counterparts (yes, we’re especially referring to straight White males). So as part of our celebration of Pride Month this year, we are putting the spotlight on them; particularly, on local artists in the worlds of fashion, music, art, and literature. We believe their genius deserve more recognition from the world.

If you want to get familiar with more LGBTQ+ artists, here are some notable names our colleagues at Hinge have shared with us for Preen Picks this week. Make sure to check them out and hit follow.

Ian Rosales Casocot

He’s a creative writing and film professor whose novel Sugar Land, was shortlisted for a Man Asian Literary Prize. Read his short stories! I especially like Fly-Over Country. Made me really sad, not sure why. Also of course the book he wrote with Shakira Sison called Don’t Tell Anyone: Literary Smut. He’s just one of the best fictionists we have, I think. – Catherine Orda, Content Creator, FNB Report

BP Valenzuela

I first heard her at an outdoor concert with my then-boyfriend (hah!). We were both college freshmen then, young bb queers, and even though I never really met her, her dreamy, city-slush, bedroom Soundcloud music spoke to me. Queer women longing is painful and BP is someone who gets it™ and can translate it into music beautifully – Zofiya Acosta, Content Creator,, Northern Living, Southern Living

Paolo Lorenzana

Obsessed with his hilarious IG Stories and Facebook posts of his imagined housewife life. And ooh, his cute cocker spaniel Cary! – Christian San Jose, Junior Content Creator,, Northern Living, Southern Living

Rod Malanao

Most of his works are inspired by gender neutral clothing. His first collection, “0330,” was inspired by anecdotal experiences growing up in a hyper masculine society as a gay child.  – JP Talapian, Photographer


I’m not entirely sure if Electromilk is queer, but I like their art because it feels very personal. It’s like taking a peek in someone’s pocket sketch book, like these works were scribbled in an almost absent-minded way, but you feel the meaning and intention behind it. Also, a huge plus factor is the fact that they use their platform to speak out about politics and modern issues – Tricia Guevara, Junior Graphic Designer,,


Photo courtesy of Rod Malanao’s Instagram account

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