If you’re stressed, Jodi Sta. Maria has self-care pointers for you

Jodi Sta. Maria is one busy woman—literally. Aside from acting, she’s also a BS Psychology student, a mom, and an ambassador for several brands. Her newest opportunity is with beauty brand Ever Bilena.

Since Jodi is known for her inspiring advice on social media, we knew she had a lot to say about self-care for working women. When you’re doing so many things in your life, you tend to forget about your well-being.

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“If we don’t take care of ourselves, we would be depleted,” she told us. “It will affect every single thing we do—our career and the relationships we have.”

As a mother of 13-year-old Thirdy, Jodi ensures she dedicates her Sundays to family time—no negotiations. It’s clear she does this to keep herself grounded and not get eaten up by stress.

That said, remember that burnout happens when we don’t step back from our tasks once in a while. Jodi reminded everyone to do little acts of self-care in between. “Do what is considered self-care for you—if it means taking a trip, taking a break, doing breathing exercises for five minutes, or if you want to distance yourself from negative and toxic people. By all means, do it.”

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“At the end of the day, ‘di naman tayo pwede magbigay ng mga bagay na wala sa atin,” (At the end of the day, we can’t give things that we don’t have) she added. This is for all the people who feel pressured by work demands. You can’t keep giving your 100 percent when you’re down to 10.

Additionally, Denice Sy, daughter of Ever Bilena CEO Dioceldo Sy, has tips of her own for working women who are focused on their passions. “It’s just a matter of balancing,” she said, noting that you don’t have to give up work entirely in order to focus on yourself. She also echoed Jodi’s sentiment to stay away from people who aren’t good for you. “Surround yourself with the right people,” she added.

So if you needed to hear helpful advice this Friday night, this is it. We may not be able to escape a lot of our paperworks, but we can always relax the whole weekend. Go and focus on self-care, don’t mind work for a day or two—you deserve it!


Photo courtesy of Ever Bilena

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