Is ‘I’m Drunk, I Love You Too’ about Dio’s feelings for Carson?

Director JP Habac just changed the title of the I’m Drunk, I Love You sequel to I’m Drunk, I Love You Too, and it’s raising more questions. In the past, we said Carson (Maja Salvador) and Dio (Paulo Avelino) might get married by the end of the film. However, our minds have changed after we saw this fan theory.

When JP posted a photo of his script’s front page, one netizen brought up an old tweet where he predicted the title and also suggested a plot wherein the movie is viewed in Dio’s perspective. The director also liked this tweet. Is this a hint???

For those who haven’t seen the first movie, it was about Carson’s seemingly unrequited feelings for her best friend of seven years, Dio. But things get complicated when Dio takes Carson to La Union just so he has a companion for when he faces his ex, Pathy (Jasmine Curtis)—yes, with an H.

The ending didn’t show Carson and Dio as a couple even after the former confessed her feelings. But it made clear they’re still good friends.

So imagine if the second movie relives all these scenes from the first film, but with Dio realizing that he loves Carson too. This is just a theory, of course, but we already want to watch this. How about you?


Photo courtesy of I’m Drunk, I Love You‘s Facebook page

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