Pia Wurtzbach says getting tested for HIV/AIDS is a form of self-care

The last time we spoke with Pia Wurtzbach was a little over a year ago. At the time, she was busy trying to balance work, traveling, and her new film. One year later, we had a chance to interview her again along with other titles across Southeast Asia.

In case you didn’t know, 2019 marks four years since she was crowned Miss Universe. Yeah, it’s been a long time but for Pia, the work hasn’t stopped just yet. “I think the work still continues and this is something that I said even after I passed on the crown and something my manager at Miss Universe also keeps telling me,” Pia shared. “The work doesn’t end after you pass on the crown, it still continues and that’s what I’m still trying to do. I feel like just because I passed on the crown already, doesn’t mean that I have to forget about Miss Universe, the things that I’ve done as Miss Universe, or my advocacies.”

True enough, if you take a look at her Instagram account, she has definitely been busy. She’s working with brands on endorsements, traveling the world for hosting opportunities, and even getting ready for the reveal of her wax figure in Manila tomorrow. She hasn’t even seen it in person herself, so she’s excited.

Despite her schedule, Pia still cares very much about her advocacy of HIV and AIDS awareness. Looking at her posts she always talks about how this is related to self-love. “If you’re going to get yourself tested for HIV, that’s already an example of self-care and self-love,” explained Pia. That means that you care about your health [and] you care about where you stand. Then you also care about other people like your friends, your family, and your loved ones. For my advocacy, which is HIV and AIDS awareness, if you get yourself checked, that’s already an example of self love. That means you’re taking care of yourself.”

During the interview, it was interesting to hear what Pia has been up to. Towards the end, however, she received on question which I found to be quite problematic. One person asked if being “half-blood” is an advantage to winning pageants. True, Pia is Filipino-German and Catriona Gray is Filipino-Australian, but I don’t think that necessarily gives them an upper hand at the competition—and Pia agrees. She said that you can be crowned if “you have the heart to become Miss Philippines, to wear that sash that says Philippines, [and] to represent the Philippines. I don’t think being only half Filipino would be a problem as long as you feel deep inside you, in your heart, that you are Miss Philippines than you can be Miss Philippines.” Yes, Pia! Make it clear to them once and for all. This is definitely an issue the whole world needs to let go of. Please don’t say those who are “half-blood” aren’t Filipino enough or don’t look Filipino enough. This also doesn’t serve as an advantage or disadvantage. They’re just people who happen to be mixed and happen to win crowns.

Going back, we only got to interview Pia for 10 minutes but that was enough to get us up to speed with her life nowadays. Now, will you be lining up to see her wax figure this weekend?


Photo courtesy of Pia Wurtzbach’s Instagram account

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