Buying plants online might be my new hobby


I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden, so many people have become plant parents. Maybe we just started to realize how filling our homes with these babies can help us de-stress. Also, the care regimen you start can also be some form of meditation where you just drop everything and focus on taking care of your many plants.

As much I want to start filling my space—even at work—with plants, I just don’t have the time to  go out and handpick them in person. Trust me, I would if I could. But, since I can’t, I have turned to online sellers. Yes, you can also shop for plants online. Some can even deliver to you within the day. If you’re itching to buy new plants and don’t have the time or just love the convenience of online shopping, check out these shops.

Plant Parenthood

Plant Parenthood’s bio reads, “Let’s embrace our ‘plant problem’ together.” And, I couldn’t agree more. If I’m going to fill my space with these babies, I’m making sure you all do too. They have a variety of options from snake plants—which are the easiest to care for btw—to cacti. They also come in cute pots, some even with bases. Available on Instagram.

Plants Philippines

This Instagram seller offers small to medium-sized plants. Ideal for decorating the inside of your home and small spaces. Grab a few Watermelon Peperomia for your shelves and a Philodendron Selloum for your living room. It even comes with a pot stand. Available on Instagram.

Plant Express

For the impatient plant parent who wants to add another pot to their collection, order from Plant Express. They ship via Lalamove and Grab so you know you can get it within the day. Their plants range from Phothos Njoy, which grows vines and giant Sanseveria Masoniana, which looks like whale fin. Available on Instagram.

Tierra Plants

If you live in the city, turn your home into an indoor jungle. Go big with a few Monsters Deliciosa, which has fan-like leaves. Another option is a bamboo palm, which will thrive in indirect sunlight. I personally want this one and I can already picture a spot to place it in. Available online.

Jurassic Pot

As if plants didn’t already bring us so much joy, this seller just made them even more eye-catching. As the name suggests, these plants are placed in containers that aren’t your usual pots. You can either get dinosaur-shaped resin pots, a resin skull, and mini dino egg planters. I also want to add these to my space as well. They’re so cute. Imagine having one at your desk at work too. Available online.

Mimi Plants

Mimi plants specializes in rare cacti and succulents, and you can even customize your order. Pick from the moon cactus, baby money plant, and an Echeveria topsy turvy. You can also select a terrarium and even aquatic plants, these piqued my interest the most. Available on Facebook.

Serene Plants

Scouring the Internet but can’t seem to find the one you want sold online? Serene Plants can help you since they take plant requests. While you’re at it, you can also check out what they already have from the Aglaonema Siam Aurora, which has a red outline along the leaves or Angel’s Wings, which look exactly like what they’re named after. Available on Instagram.

Plant Lady

I’m sure the name of the Instagram seller resonates with a lot of you. Plant species range from a purple oyster to a mini anahaw palm and a mini rubber tree. Aside from this, she also sells tote bags with illustrations of plants and handmade woven baskets, which can be used as pot holders. Available on Instagram.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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