Color-changing lights are great for lifting your mood

What do you do when you’re stressed? Many would answer getting massages, aromatherapy, and taking vacations—anything to get their minds off work or whatever it is that’s getting on their nerves.

If you want another way to recharge, you can try getting a color-changing mood light. According to Mind Body Green, colored light therapy can uplift one’s mood as it “stimulates the body’s circulatory system, immune system, endocrine system and nervous system.”

You can take these benefit with a grain of salt, but it’s not wrong to try something new. Plus, it makes for a cool addition to your home and your kids will love it. Here are our suggestions:

BH SOLLED Rechargeable LED Bedside Lamp

If you want a light source so you can read before sleeping and to help you relax, have this LED lamp on your bedside table. It’s a dimmable light that gives off a warm amber color that’s calming. If you want to get playful with the lighting, it also comes with 256 color cycles. Available on Lazada.

Paladone Balloon Lamp

Kids and kids at heart will enjoy this balloon-shaped lamp. The light can be changed to three colors—white, red, and green—and you can place it in your living room or your kid’s study desk. Available at Quirks, SM Aura Premier.

SOAIY Sleep Soothing Color-Changing Aurora Night Light Projector

Create an aurora borealis effect in any room in your home with this SOAIY night light projector. It has eight light projection modes, including one that shows a relaxing gradient, that you can direct at the ceiling while you relax. It also has a built-in speaker so you’re free to add some background music. Available on Galleon PH.

Arilux Colorful Wi-Fi Smart Table Night Light


What’s great about this Arilux night light is it has an app where you can control the color of the light. You can also use this with Alexa Echo and Google Assistant to turn it on and off, or to switch modes. Available on Bang Good

Yeelight Smart Bulb Color

This bulb has multi-colored light functions that you can sync with music. If you’re about to sleep, you can either use this alone or play your favorite soothing playlist along with it. You can also use this during house parties if you want. Available at Digital Walker stores.

Night Light LITE

If you don’t have space for another lamp, you can always download Night Light LITE. It has Night Light and Mood-Light functions, depending on what you or your kids need. When the app is running on your iPhone or iPad, the lights activate when it senses noise. So if you leave the room, it turns off automatically. Available on the iTunes Store.


Photo courtesy of Pexels

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