Kelsey Merritt has a fancy moisturizing step at night

Since we already know how Kelsey Merritt would do her everyday makeup, it’s time we take a dive into her skincare routine. Harper’s Bazaar did just that and posted a video of how the model gets un-ready before going to bed.

Of course, Kelsey starts off with Bioderma’s micellar water to take off her makeup. But instead of the regular cotton round, she opts for reusable ones that you can wash after every use. She also shared why she stopped using cleanser. “In my experience, I would always break out when I would use a cleanser. And there was this one time when I got lazy and I stopped using cleanser, and my skin got clearer,” she said. A tip she learned from her dermatologist: It’s sometimes better to skip on the cleanser to let your skin natural oils do their thing.

Next step: brushing her teeth with all-natural toothpaste and doing an up-and-down motion, as per her dentist. After that, she applies lip balm because she always has dry lips. She even admits that she owns around 20.

For Kelsey’s extra steps to healthier and more nourished skin, she uses an eye mask and clay mask, toner, serums, moisturizer (using an Artis brush!), eye cream, spot treatment, and a face roller from Skin Gym (which looks like a microneedling tool, but minus the needles). “I use an upward motion from my chin and nose. Mostly this motion is for lifting the skin,” she advised.

The final step is brush her hair (because her mom always told her so) and going to bed. “Sleep is also good for the skin.” We agree!

Watch the full video below and do your nighttime skincare at the same time:

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Merritt’s Instagram account

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