Andi Eigenmann proudly flaunts her stretch marks

Andi Eigenmann is one actress who’s always spoken up against all forms of body-shaming. For good reason, too, as people can’t stop pointing out her imperfections, which isn’t anyone’s business in the first place.

That said, Andi’s latest Instagram post, which shows her with no makeup and wearing in a bikini to flaunt her stretch marks, is like a subtle middle finger to all the rude comments she’s been getting. “My appearance hasn’t really changed, I’m very much aware of that. I admit to still having insecurities like everyone else,” she wrote in the caption. “What changed is that I just got tired of hating my body. Now, I have come to accept myself for the way I am. Freckles, scars, stretch marks and all.”

The comments section is filled with nothing but love and support for Andi’s body-positive post from fans and celebrities like Iza Calzado, Sue Ramirez, and Dimples Romana. Let’s just hope that more people are this accepting of others’ bodies instead of spreading negativity on social media and even in person.


Photo courtesy of Andi Eigenmann’s Instagram account

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