Instagram is done with fake comments, likes, and followers

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Remember when Twitter purged their systems of bots and fake followers? What about when Facebook started clearing our feeds of fake news links? The latest social media platform to join the battle against fakes is Instagram. 

They began removing “inauthentic” likes, comments, and followers from accounts who use third-party apps to increase their following, therefore, gain popularity online. So all those weird “like for follow” accounts will also be gone. Thank the digital heavens, really.

What Instagram built can now “help detect and remove fake popularity boosting”  among other things that they didn’t want to disclose. Accounts who have “inauthentic” follows, comments, and likes will actually be notified prior to the cleanse and they will be asked to change their passwords and log-in details for safety. 

If after the said purging or cleansing and an account still continues to use these third-party apps for increased following, they will see an impact on their Instagram experience—for one, they’ll lose a serious number of followers. Yikes. 

So if you notice a few changes in your account in the coming days or weeks, think of it as a good thing! 


Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

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