Hit unfollow on these toxic types of men on social media

“Men are trash” is an understatement when you see just how many of them display (read: shove down) their toxic masculinity on social media. It’s tiring and kinda funny, really, seeing them trying to save their faces when they’re being called out.

They all come in different forms but with a common goal: try to prove that they’re superior over women and other men. Beware and be ready to purge your social media if you see the following on your feed:

The #NotAllMen defender

Here’s a perfect example: When it was reported that a police officer raped a 15-year-old, several men pulled the “not all police” card. While there’s some truth in the statement, this isn’t the right time to deflect the situation from yourself and your fellow males.

“But you really shouldn’t generalize us men for the wrongdoing of one,” a guy you follow probably whined on social media. Here’s a suggestion for you: Tell them to start focusing on the victim/s instead of making it seem like they’re the good guys. Because nobody cares if they’re the saints they claim to be if evil men are still out there raping and harassing people.


Earlier this week, a guy’s now-deleted Twitter thread was the subject of criticism and jokes because he admitted to being a cheater, yet it’s still the girl’s fault that he’s broken today. Human logic jumped out of the window.

This is the type of man who can’t accept the fact that they’re wrong. We don’t know the reasons but we’ll take a wild guess and say that admitting to mistakes isn’t “manly.” Oh, don’t worry, toxic males, your balls won’t shrink once you acknowledge that you screwed up.

Gossip peddlers

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few years, it’s that guys are the worst when it comes to spreading gossip. Why? Because they’re mostly untrue or they exaggerate details so they’ll look good. They don’t care if they’re ruining someone’s reputation, and they certainly don’t care if you’re a man or a woman.

“Perfect” boyfriend

There are guys out there who imply they’re great boyfriends because they’re prohibiting girls from wearing outfits they don’t like, as well as imposing rules on them just ’cause they’re partners. Yeah, this is one of the reasons why we want chivalry to die. Because once guys do something nice for their ladies, they feel that it’s their civic right to be control freaks about what we do with our lives.

So, no, it’s not cute to scold your girlfriend and publicly shame them for not following your rules.

Extreme feminism skeptic

We understand that not everyone knows what feminism is and what it really stands for. There will always be that one skeptic person, mostly guys, that’ll say feminism steps on the rights of men to favor women. It’s not a man-hating concept, okay. It’s about equality and squashing the patriarchy.

When you see posts like this, don’t be afraid to educate them as nicely and patiently as possible. However, it gets toxic when a guy, not only refuses to listen, but imposes his beliefs on why feminism is the spawn of the devil onto you. Pray that you don’t get to interact with someone who’ll be hostile toward you for no reason because these dudes need to chill.


Art by Marian Hukom

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