Make self-care better by matching your mood with your skincare

Social media never fails to give us content that makes us comment, “#mood” or “#relate.” This is especially true for skincare posts and we at are guilty of sharing them (check our IG feed). What also gets us are the memes that pair skincare to certain activities or moods—from having chill nights with the girls to making yourself feel the best because why the hell not. Who knew that cleansing foams and masks aren’t the only combos that matter in your self-care routine?

Speaking of pairings, you should incorporate Pond’s Mineral Clay line to your me-time because not only does it remove dirt, it also enriches your skin with minerals. This includes three Mineral Clay Foam cleansers and two Mineral Clay Masks made with 100 percent natural Moroccan clay. It only takes a couple steps: clay, foam, and wash. That’s it!


If you’re looking for the perfect times to combine these products, we have some ideas.

Post-workout relaxation

Combo: White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam + Pure White Beauty Mineral Clay Leave-on Mask Brighten Treatment

After an intense gym session, all we want to do is take a shower. But if you want to enhance your post-workout flush, go for this brightening combo that’s enriched with Vitamin B3+. Just carefully apply and lather the clay foam on your face, rinse, and pat the product onto your skin. Follow it up with the clay mask for added glow! When you’re done, you can indulge in your fruity chia seed pudding.

When you want to forget work for a bit with friends

Combo: Pure White Mineral Clay Facial Foam Exfoliant + Pure White Mineral Clay Leave-on Mask D-Toxx Treatment

Instead of going out for drinks, arrange a slumber party with your best gals where you can bond and do your skincare together. This is especially perfect after surviving a stressful work week, so it’s only fitting to go for something that’ll help you guys detox. Not only will the activated charcoal help in getting rid of a week’s worth of impurities, you’ll also feel ready to face Monday again.

When you’re feeling down because of a pimple

Combo: Clear Solution Mineral Clay Facial Foam + Pure White Beauty Mineral Clay Leave-on Mask Brighten Treatment

A pesky pimple can ruin anyone’s day, especially if it pops up at the worst time like a day before a date or someone’s wedding. But don’t fret because this this mattifying and brightening combo might help you feel a tad bit better. It’ll take care of oiliness, which can cause breakouts and other skin concerns. You’ll also get radiant-looking skin right after your skincare sesh.

Going offline and focusing on yourself

Combo: White Beauty Mineral Clay Facial Foam + Pure White Mineral Clay Leave-on Mask D-Toxx Treatment

There’s nothing wrong with disconnecting for a couple of days and just zen out at home. Go pick up a book, brew some coffee or tea (make a sweet moscato drink even), and prep your skincare for the day. After cleansing, apply the detoxifying mask and read a few pages from your book before washing it off. Then you can just spend the rest of the day lounging and re-watching Friends. It’s a win for self-care!

Pond’s Mineral Clay Facial Foam and Clay Leave-on Mask are available on Lazada.


Art by Marian Hukom

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