Love during Venus in retrograde: Is it as bad as it seems?

We’re back for another episode of planets messing with our lives. We have Venus retrograding starting tomorrow (Friday) which will last approximately 40 days.

As you know, Venus is well-known as the planet of love and pleasure. So the news caused a mini-meltdown among netizens who follow astrology, saying that they aren’t ready to get their feelings hurt or see their relationships go up in flames. While some, as one netizen humorously put it, are expecting to get attached to the people they’ve just met.

But what can we really expect in our relationships and just love in general during Venus in retrograde? Sit back and keep reading to find out.

Rocky relationships are inevitable

Astro Butterfly notes that Venus will be retrograding in Scorpio, which is considered the most intense sign in the zodiac. “Can you imagine what it means to have the Goddess of Love going through Scorpio? The Valley of Death, the Inferno?” the site asks. Bustle also singled out Aries as the sign that’ll experience this romantic turmoil the most.

Additionally, Cosmopolitan US said that this isn’t a good time for those with shaky relationships, but it also doesn’t mean that it’ll ultimately end in a split. Venus in retrograde is a actually an opportunity for you to look back on your past relationships and the mistakes made so you can learn from them. “How has your behavior changed in your relationships? Weird, coincidental repeats of past behavior in your relationships happen so you can answer these questions for yourself.”

Karma is coming

If you did anything wrong in past relationships, or any of your romantic encounters, you might experience something similar this season. Astrology King explained that Venus in retrograde will give you hell if you’ve hurt someone physically or emotionally. “Whatever happened in past romances, you come into this life with those bad memories etched in your soul. You probably don’t recognize them as memories but as déjà vu or unexplained guilt.”

Potential partners and hook-ups

Refinery29 said that “cuffing season,” where the temperature drops and the need to partner up arises, comes into play with finding potential partners during Venus in retrograde. This will become even more evident during social events where you have the freedom to flirt around if you’re actively dating or interested in someone. But just make sure you’re not doing something you’re uncomfortable with and to still know your boundaries. Consent doesn’t go out the window just because Venus is in retrograde.

Seeing people for who they are

You’re probably guilty of seeing people, be it a romantic partner or a friend, through rose-colored glasses because you love and care for them. But Astrostyle noted that this is not the time to do that and just face reality, especially when you’re in a relationship. It’s difficult but it’ll encourage you to address certain issues.

Loving yourself is a must

Just because you’re single and not interested in a love life doesn’t mean you won’t feel the effects of Venus in retrograde. Bustle has noted numerous times that you might feel impatient, misunderstood, and less positive in general. This might cause you to feel conflicted about your job, platonic relationships, and even losing your peace of mind at some point.

But when in doubt and during a struggle, follow Refinery29’s advice: “If there’s nothing new to report in your love life, you can find these periods fulfilling by showing yourself a little extra love and support.”


Art by Marian Hukom

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