October 02, 2018

Trust us, cleaning your home doesn’t have to be boring


Hands up if you feel a little lazy and discouraged when it’s time to clean up your apartment or condo. If you can see me right now, both hands are up. Like now. This goes to show the you’re not alone, sometimes we’d rather veg out at home and catch shows on Netflix than move our butt to clean our space.

But recently, I’ve been trying to find ways to make it more exciting or encouraging, and playing loud music (or through earphones if your neighbors mind) help a lot. It takes my mind off the task at hand and allows me to enjoy what is happening—at the same time I burn so much calories because I dance (no one is watching but my dog, so I’m safe) while I wipe tabletops, vacuum, and mop the floors. By the end of the whole thing, I’m high on endorphins and my place is spic and span.

Scent is also a big deal for me, I don’t like using products that have a strong chemical smell, it’s not appealing to my nose, my dog, and even my friends who will come over. I experiment with a lot, but my favorite right now would have to be Pine-Sol’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner in Sunshine Meadow. It’s light and uplifting and it doesn’t sting my nostrils. But since I’m a germaphobe, I like how this kills 99.9 percent of germs and is flexible to use with any surface. Multiple birds are hit with one stone!

So do you want to see what we look like when we shimmy and tidy up? Watch the video below.

Now it’s time to get your groove on!


Art by Marian Hukom

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