All the badass ladies in Nike’s emotional “Rallying Cry” campaign

Sportswear brand Nike is continuing its support for female athletes with a one-minute campaign titled “Rallying Cry.” The video featured several badass women from various sports to show the struggle and exhilaration they feel while playing and competing.

“The new film testifies to the power of female determination, and shows how today’s women break down barriers through sport,” Nike said in a statement. Aside from top tennis player Serena Williams, you might want to know the women in the video. We’ve got you covered.

“Rallying Cry” starts off with Koharu Sugawara, a well-known dancer and choreographer, trying to lift weights. It then flashes scenes of Japanese skater Aori Nishimura, Australian football player and boxer Tayla Harris, and Japanese It girl and runner Lauren Tsai, among many others. All of their scenes showed them struggling in their fields.

The film gets more intense as it showcases victorious cheers from the featured women. There’s football player Sam Kerr scoring a goal; runners Amber Liu and Rachwin Wong racing to the finish line; and even eight-year-old drumming prodigy Yoyoka Soma giving musicians a run for their money.

It then ends with the line “Make the world listen,” underlining the fact that women have been excelling in sports as much as men have. It’s also timely with what Serena said about women being given heavy penalties for expressing frustrations during tennis matches and how sexist it is.

Watch the emotional and inspirational video below, and also let us know which female athlete stood out to you the most.


Photos courtesy of Nike

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