September 04, 2018

Make your Potterhead dreams come true by transforming your home into Hogwarts

Potterheads, keep calm. Pottery Barn has launched its newest collection, and it’s for the wizards in all of us. Created following the success of Pottery Barn Teen’s 2017 collaboration with Warner Bros., this time around, the furniture store focused on the wizarding world that spoke to us as a generation, and made sure to make pieces that aren’t just for kids and teens. Now, all of us is one step closer to our ultimate dream of living in JK Rowling’s magical world with their Harry Potter-themed furniture, bedding, decor, dinnerware, and other home pieces.

Here are items we’d cop in a heartbeat.

Duvet and pillowcases

Make magic happen in your bedroom (pun intended) with this enchanting duvet, and dress it up with fun pillowcases incorporated with Harry Potter references. The Marauder’s Map pillow case has a cool secret feature too, if you want to add more magic.

Jewelry holder

Perfect for your jewelry and HP-obsessed friend, these ingenious designs inspired by the wizarding sport, quidditch, Professor Flitwick’s enchanted flying keys, and the golden egg featured in the Triwizard Tournament are a must have. We know, it’s hard to choose between the three. We want them all, too.

Golden Snitch clock

In the renowned series, the golden snitch proved to be more significant in Harry Potter’s journey, and ended up as one of the key items which saved his and his friends’ lives. We’re sure the magical snitch in its clock form will do the same for you.

Hedwig lamp

Cop this adorable piece so you’ll feel like you always have a reliable friend at home. It’ll surely add character to your space, while able to perfectly complement other furniture in your room.

Faux book lockbox

This particular item is a fun way to store your most precious possessions. You’ll have no problem imagining it’s a real piece of magic, and it’s a definite conversation starter, especially with your equally HP-obsessed friends.

Sadly, this collection is still not available locally, but if there’s one thing we learned from Harry Potter, it’s that obstacles like this won’t stop us from achieving our dreams. Also, BRB, apparating to Pottery Barn right now to demand a local stock.


Photos courtesy of Pottery Barn

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