Stop comparing Beyoncé and Rihanna’s ‘Vogue’ covers

Two Vogue September issues came out in less than a week featuring two powerful women. Just last night, Beyoncé’s cover was unveiled which and for some reason, people’s first reaction was to compare it to Rihanna on British Vogue.

Metro reported that fans seemed divided about Beyoncé’s cover, saying it was underwhelming. One said, “This looks like a low budget version of Rihanna’s British Vogue cover. It’s all out of season clothes. And the energy of the photos is barely alive.”

Screengrab from Beyoncé’s Instagram account

Meanwhile, others decided to drag down Rihanna’s cover, saying that Bey outshone her.

There are also those who pointed out that both singers wore floral headpieces in their covers. They’re almost implying that one copied the other.

Instead of doing comparisons, how about we celebrate the fact that two women of color graced the covers of Vogue and British and Vogue? Both of them were stunning. Beyoncé even had full creative control over hers and recruited photographer Tyler Mitchell, who’s the first black photographer in the magazine’s 126-year existence.

Let’s stop pitting women against each other. It just further promotes society’s unfair standards on women’s beauty.


Photo by Tyler Mitchell for Vogue

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