July 26, 2018

Dance floor etiquette tips from a regular club-goer

Dance Floor Etiquette

As introverted as I am, there’s something about a dance floor that gets me going. When I first started going to parties and clubs, I avoided dancing completely. I felt awkward and thought people would judge me because I wasn’t good at it. Every time I would see someone busting a move, a little part of me would get jealous because they looked so free.

A few years ago, I would be that person standing in a corner just enjoying the music, watching people, and bobbing my head or swaying once in a while (I still do this when my energy levels are low). However, after attending my first music festival in 2016, that all changed.

The energy I feel from being on a dance floor is intoxicating. Surrounded by strangers who feel the same vibe with music blasting is really a great experience. Once you’re a part of it and let go, you start to forget why you were shy to begin with.

As wonderful as that communal space can be, I feel like there are unspoken rules to follow. I went to a club over the weekend and in the middle of dancing, someone started to push me repeatedly with her butt. I could sense it was intentional so I just decided to move instead.

Because of this unpleasant experience, I decided to list some simple dance floor etiquette tips. They’re pretty easy to follow so take note of these the next time you find yourself dancing the night away.

Keep your hands to yourself

Just like in everyday life, you should keep your hands to yourself. This isn’t the place to inappropriately touch strangers. Don’t make the safe space one to fear.

Watch what you’re holding

Whether you’re holding a drink in your hand or carrying a bag, be careful. Make sure you don’t spill your drink on anyone (or yourself). And keep your bag close to you so it doesn’t go swinging around everywhere. I suggest bringing a small cross body or belt bag to keep your hands free.

No pushing

The dance floor can get packed so you’re bound to bump into people, which is fine. But if you do it intentionally because you want to secure “your spot,” girl you got it wrong. Everyone is there to have a good time so no need to be rude. And, if you’re on the receiving end of an accidental nudge, don’t freak out either. No one wants a repeat of what happened between Dex and Eydress.

Have fun

Last but not the least, don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy the music, let loose, and even make new friends. This is a great place to be yourself. As difficult as it can be, also try not to care about what other people think. You’ll get a lot of judgmental stares, but don’t let the hate get you down.


Art by Marian Hukom

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