July 14, 2018

JoshLia admits their ‘I Love You, Hater’ fights aren’t the same in real life

When I saw the I Love You, Hater trailer when it came out, it was obvious that it’ll be well-loved because of Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia’s comedic workplace rivalry. In case you haven’t seen it, they’re basically competing to be Sasha Imperial’s (played by Kris Aquino) new assistant.

Of course, this kind of rivalry doesn’t just exist on-screen, it can be applicable to real life too. But that doesn’t mean you have to get nasty to get what you want out of the job—there are always repercussions like stress, fights that are uncalled for, and so on. For more insight on the matter, we were able to ask Julia, Joshua, and director Giselle Andres about these. Keep scrolling if you want to find out their mindsets on workplace competition. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers for the film!

On competitiveness in the workplace

Giselle Andres: I think healthy competition is good in the workplace as long as it encourages everybody to have better productivity. Siyempre if it’s too much, it can be detrimental to your health or to other people’s health. That’s not okay anymore.

Julia Barretto: There’s a healthy kind of drive and that will lead you to a healthy purpose.  Sometimes some people forget their main goal, and their goal turns into competition—they just think about how to overpower or outdo a certain person. Drive is good, that’s what makes us really achieve our dreams. But you always have to remind yourself what you want out of this, why you’re doing this, and how you’re going to do it as long as you’re not going to a wrong path.

Joshua Garcia: Just like what they said, there’s healthy competition. For me, what drives me is my family. They’re the ones who give me strength to work hard. I’m happy with what I’m doing so I don’t really care about competition. What’s important for me is that I did my best in this movie or TV series.

On dealing with stress

JG: Ako computer, eh.  [I play] Counter Strike Go. I’m also not into social media, as much as possible I avoid it.

JB: My family’s number one, especially my baby sister. When I see her and play with her, I [feel like] I’m newly charged. It’s also important for me to see my friends, especially those you’ve known before working in showbiz. They’re the ones who put your feet on the ground and make you realize that there’s life out there—very normal and carefree. It’s nice, balanced.

GA: I’m not an actress but [you’ll feel] exhausted too during production. So in between projects, I make it a point to see my friends and do out-of-showbiz activities. Also see my family.

On fighting on-screen and in real life

JB: It’s worse in real life! [Laughs] When Josh and I bicker in the movie, we’re just having fun with it. We don’t take it personally because it’s really just light. It’s not like real rivals in teleseryes that seem like they want to kill each other. Hindi naman! We also have to make people laugh even though we’re fighting on-screen. Happy lang.

In real life, it’s not like that—worse talaga. Because there are feelings involved, your heart is involved. There’s no backing down. [Looks at Joshua] ‘Di ba?

JG: Our fights in the movie aren’t serious. If it’s a teleserye, then there would be fights that’ll feel real. But here, it’s just us being silly toward each other. Julia’s right about [how we fight] in real life.

JB: It’s more passionate. Like there’s no tomorrow.


Photos by Javier Lobregat

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