July 05, 2018

Jameson Blake is sorry he wanted your work for free

Pinoy Big Brother alumni and Hashtags member Jameson Blake posted an ignorant request on Twitter and the netizens are not happy about it—as artists and content creators, this feels like a slap to the face too. 

Yesterday, he asked for graphic artists to help him work on a cover photo for his social media platform and can you guess what the person with the best visual will get? A shoutout. Guys, it’s literally a shoutout on Twitter. A fleeting post that will be forgotten in a few minutes or hours at most. A shoutout that won’t book jobs. Jameson made it seem like a mere Twitter shoutout was worth diamonds dripping in gold, like it was something one can brag about and live for. Damn it, it’s not. 

Jameson Blake Screencap

Just a few minutes ago, he posted an apology but in the end still sounded like an excuse. No different to how he responded to the initial comments on his feed.

Just a word of caution for everyone that we all deserve better and that our work is valuablealways.

You still don’t get it, Jameson. And I hope that soon you will. Asking for someone else’s work for free—even if it was just a “favor”—and being ignorant of its results is not a smart move. I suggest you do your own work and give yourself a shoutout. 


Photo courtesy of Jameson Blake’s Instagram account

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