July 05, 2018

A woman was strip searched in front of male cops and their gazes are haunting

Just when you think that faith in humanity can be restored, society proves you wrong. And with anti-catcalling laws being passed, you would think that women would have a safer space, but sadly we don’t.

Yesterday, news surfaced that a video was taken while a female drug suspect was being strip-searched. According to ABS-CBN News, the video was given to them by a former anti-drug operative. The videos “reportedly took place inside the Drug Enforcement Unit of the Makati City police station in March 2017.” In their report, they also said that there is an ongoing investigation regarding the matter and Makati City police chief Rogelio Simon “will get to the bottom of the controversy.”

During the investigation, police chief Rogelio was told that it was a demonstration for a strip search and the woman agreed to it in exchange for money. Police chief Rogelio also pointed out that this is not how strip searches should be done. Yes, the suspect is supposed to remove their clothes and bend over but this is only supposed to be done “inside a private room and by a person of the same sex.”

If you watch the video, and honestly it’s hard to stomach, you will see that the woman was standing naked in front of four officers. This included the DEU chief, ABS-CBN News reported. Not only was she surrounded by men but they seemed to be laughing and smiling. The others have their back turned to the camera but let’s focus on the guy in white who can’t stop staring at her. He seems like the perfect example of what’s wrong with the world. You can see him leaning on a table with his hands on his hips. Uhm, sorry dude but this is the worst moment to pull a power pose.

A profile shot was also taken of the same guy and he has the biggest smile on his face. Does objectifying women make you happy, sir? He probably thought he wouldn’t get caught.

This creepy guy represents men who take advantage of women at their most vulnerable. Standing from a position of power looking down at women for their own pleasure. Just thinking about that woman’s situation has my stomach in knots and I will never understand men think it’s okay to do these kinds of things.

The report also stated that the officers involved have been relieved of their duties and rightfully so. I just hope that they get the proper punishment because we all need some good news right now.


Art by Marian Hukom

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