June 29, 2018

Andi Eigenmann is moving to Baler and leaving toxicity behind

Do you ever dream of dropping everything and moving to simpler place to start fresh? Well, Andi Eigenmann just did that and she’s moving to Baler. According to Inquirer.net, she revealed this during a press conference.

Why did she choose Baler? “Life there is just so different, it doesn’t mean that everybody should move to Baler with me but na-realize ko lang na itong lugar no ‘to dito ko nababagay [this place, I belong here].” She also wanted to make the move for her daughter. “I want my daughter to witness and grow up in a place like this and also the people. I’ve grown so close to the people who live there, they’re like family, especially the little kids.”

Aside from moving, she also decided to let go of luxury. “I sold everything that I felt was an idea of luxury that I didn’t need, I don’t own cars, any designer clothes, bags, lahat ng mga pang-artistang ‘yan, makeup lahat ‘yan wala na [all of those celebrity luxuries, I don’t have them anymore].”

She also made another valid point, “Because I felt that this is one of the reasons why or nag-contribute siya sa pagiging toxic ng buhay ko.”

We’re happy for Andi because making a decision like that isn’t easy. And hopefully her life really will be less toxic once she moves to Baler.



Photo courtesy of Andi Eigenmann’s Instagram account

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