June 27, 2018

Ylona Garcia talks about the importance of mental health after being hospitalized

Now more than ever, we should be careful of what we say and how we take care of our mental health. Just a few days ago, the Philippine Mental Health Law was passed but that’s just the beginning. Singer Ylona Garcia opened up about her own situation and how it led to her hospitalization.

According to Inquirer.net, on June 25 Ylona shared a photo and message on Twitter about her mental health. In the picture she was sitting in a wheelchair with an IV-administered dextrose. Along with that picture was a screenshot of a note wherein Ylona wrote, “Wishing and praying we could all be spreading love more than hate on social media, because people that get bashed/disrespected on social media can only stay strong for so long and can be so close to breaking down.”

She then goes on to say how she would like to spread awareness, “As much I’d like to keep things private, I want everyone to be aware of their mental health.” Ylona also explained how she ended up in the hospital, “Woke up this morning scrolling through social media to see such distasteful and unnecessary words being shared. I have to be honest, it really stressed me out and I spent hours trying to find ways to make sure everyone would be happy and okay, to the fact where I forgot about myself. To the point where I ended up in the hospital. I’m sharing this with you now to create awareness.”

Ylona hasn’t posted anything on any social media platform since then but we do hope that she’s taking time to rest. We also commend her for bringing importance to mental health and how we should take care of ourselves.



Photo courtesy of Ylona Garcia’s Instagram account

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