June 14, 2018

‘Wonder Woman 2’ director revealed a huge spoiler and it’s an effective marketing ploy

Nobody likes spoilers, especially when it’s a superhero movie. (See: Avengers: Infinity War) But Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins decided to break the rules and reveal a possibly huge plot twist in the sequel.

After Gal Gadot posted the first photo from Wonder Woman 2, Patty tweeted a photo of Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) with the caption, “Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984.” But if you remember what happened in the first movie (spoilers for those who haven’t seen it), Steve’s plane exploded during the final arc. So why is he alive?!

Nylon cited theories that he might’ve been brought back to the DC Universe via time travel. This particular scene could also be a snippet of a dream that Wonder Woman will have in the film. Or, you know, he might be a clone of some sort but that’s just me thinking aloud.

Either way, this is a good marketing move from the Wonder Woman team because now, everybody’s hyped up about the sequel. And it’s not even premiering until next year!



Photo courtesy of Variety

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