June 13, 2018

Saab Magalona opens up about how she’s been feeling these past months

Saab Magalona has been flooding Instagram with the cutest photos of baby Pancho. But, today she took a break to share how she’s been feeling these past few months. This morning she posted a throwback photo of her pregnant belly with a lengthy caption.

She started with, “My body was once home to three heartbeats. I’ve been allowing myself to grieve Luna’s passing and to enjoy all my moments with Pancho. It’s been such a rollercoaster to say the least, but I am getting better.” Saab also wanted to address those who might be going through something similar. “In case you are going through something horrible as well, let me share something from my morning meditation.” She then goes on to share a quote from the Calm app. “If there’s sadness, let there be sadness. It’s when we make the sadness wrong—telling ourselves we shouldn’t be experiencing it—that our emotions intensify. When we stop resisting that which is, without adding any commentary or judgement, the sadness comes and the sadness goes. Why shouldn’t we be sad? Sometimes sadness happens. Allow things to be as they are in each moment.” Saab then ended the post with, “Here, have a hug,” followed by a hug emoji.

Thanks for the advice, Saab. And, if any of you are feeling down today, don’t forget to stay strong. You can even give meditation a shot just like Saab.


Photo courtesy of Saab Magalona’s Instagram account

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