June 11, 2018

Sorry, but I thought ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ was a flop

The Jurassic Park movies bring back a lot of memories for ‘90s babies. You probably remember watching the movies and covering your eyes every time the T-rex showed up on the screen. So, when the franchise was rebooted in 2015, everyone got excited. We thought we were getting something similar to the old movies but with a different cast and maybe even scarier-looking dinosaurs. Starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, the movie did pretty well earning $524 million during the worldwide opening weekend.

This year, the characters returned for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. If you’ve seen the trailer, you will know that the plot revolves around Owen and Claire trying to save the dinosaurs from a volcano that is about to destroy the island. There were scenes of the volcano erupting, dinosaurs falling off a cliff, and a cameo from Jeff Goldblum. It was interesting enough to entice people to go and see the movie. Myself included. According to Screen Rant, Fallen Kingdom has already made over $150 million internationally. However, I was not pleased with the movie. It started okay but as it progressed, I started to notice its flaws and I quickly lost interest. If you’ve already seen the film, keep reading to find out what I didn’t like about the film.

King Kong plot element

Unlike past movies, this installment took the characters out of the park. After trying to rescue 11 different species, Owen and Claire realize that the dinosaurs are actually going to be sold to greedy, rich people. So the dinosaurs are transported to the city. Similar to King Kong, the dinosaurs start to terrorize an estate. Since the island was destroyed by a volcano (which suddenly became active), I understand that they did have to bring the plot of the movie to a different location. But, it didn’t feel as gritty and adventurous as the past movies because of it.  

Clone twist

In this film, you will be introduced a little girl named Maisie who is the granddaughter of Benjamin Lockwood. In the beginning he says that he raised her after his daughter died in a car crash. Throughout the film, you will see Maisie try to grab a photo from a book that her grandfather is constantly holding on to. When she finally does, she notices that the girl in the photo looks exactly like her. Later on, it is revealed that Maisie isn’t Benjamin’s granddaughter but a clone of his daughter who passed. Yup, he used the same technology used to make the dinosaurs. Not only was this plot twist strange but it seemed unnecessary and didn’t really play a bigger role in the film. Once this information was made known I asked, “And then what?”

Another dino hybrid

In Jurassic World, the park was attacked by a hybrid dinosaur called the Indominus rex. It was identified to have a mix of a Gigantosaurus, Rugops, Majungasurus, Carnotaurus, and Abelisaurus. It also has traces of tree frog and cuttlefish DNA. This means it’s able to camouflage and has thermal adaptability. In Fallen Kingdom, they introduce yet another hybrid called the Indoraptor which is a cross between the Indominus rex and Velociraptor. Why did they make another one? They called it the perfect weapon. It can be trained to follow orders and attack on command. But just like the Jurassic World, it escapes its cage and goes on a killing spree.

Dinosaurs living among humans

Before being shipped to their new owners, the dinosaurs were kept in cages in an underground lab. In the middle of being attacked by loose dinosaurs and gunshots, poisonous gas started to fill up the lab. The vents were broken so the fumes couldn’t be redirected. So, Maisie decided to set the dinosaurs free and save them. As soon as the gates of the lab opened, they started running towards the city. In the end they show clips of the dinosaurs in different scenes like in a zoo and in the ocean surrounded by surfers. This is where the movie ended, which begs the question, “Are the dinosaurs going to start living among humans now?” Because that sounds highly unlikely.


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