June 01, 2018

Saab Magalona and baby Pancho had a funny “accident” during their photoshoot


Saab and Jim Bacarro’s baby boy Pancho is our guilty pleasure. His cuteness and funny captions (that must’ve been mom!) can make us smile even in the worst days of our lives—aka deadlines upon deadlines upon deadlines. Saab admits that she couldn’t get enough of her little burrito and we see it through her feed, all the sniffing, kissing, and taking tons of pics and videos.

Earlier today, Saab shared that she wanted to take nice photos with Pancho, but he was totally over it and decided that the shoot should end soon. How did he stop the shoot in its tracks? He pooped on mommy’s white dress!

Saab’s reaction was caught on cam, plus a super fast hand who tried to catch the poop with tissue before it hit her dress, but the hand didn’t succeed. She said it’s Pancho’s way of protesting to the shoot. Woops! But that cute face could get away with anything!

We can’t wait for more photos and videos of Pancho. Keep sharing about your smol bean, Saab and Jim!


Photo courtesy of Pancho Magalona-Bacarro’s Instagram account

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