May 29, 2018

Martine Cajucom’s apartment pieces include this clear vintage phone

If you haven’t been following Martine Cajucom’s apartment progress, you’re missing out. Around nine weeks ago, she posted a photo her new and first apartment ever. She then started a Instagram Highlight following her process of furnishing it. There, she posted how she painted all of her walls white and that she chose to go with curtains instead of blinds. A process she described “was a harder decision to make than bangs or no bangs.” Pretty sure our adulting self can all relate!Aside from these updates, she also shared the different furniture pieces she bought from different lamps to vases and also storage options. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what Martine has copped and how you can incorporate them into your own place.

Nelson Ball Tripod Lamp

Photo courtesy of Martine Cajucom’s Instagram Stories

The first thing Martine bought for her new apartment was a small lamp. This Nelson light fixture is in the shape of a ball and looks like a paper lamp. The shade is made of soft plastic that stands on a steel wire frame tripod. Place this on top of your bedside table or in your living room. Available online.

West Elm A MANO Ceramic Trinket Dish

Photo courtesy of Martine Cajucom’s Instagram Stories

Another small home accessory that Martine picked up was a ceramic dish. She didn’t specify where it was from but here’s something similar from West Elm. It comes in a pink shade with a gold trim. You can place this on any countertop to keep your space organized. It also comes in different colors like green, red, blue, and white. Available at Estancia Mall.

Vintage Radio Shack Clear Telephone

Photo courtesy of Martine Cajucom’s Instagram Stories

Martine also shared that she was on the hunt for a vintage phone. I’m sure you remember these clear see-through phones from your childhood. After searching the Internet, we were able to find one on Etsy. It’s from the’80s and has colorful parts inside. This will make you want to call people’s landline numbers just like in high school. Available on Etsy.

Ettore Sottsass Pilastro Side Table

Photo courtesy of Martine Cajucom’s Instagram Stories

Martine also picked up a pink side table for her space. It is made of thermoplastic technopolymer and has curved details that almost resemble a screw. You can place this in your living room and use it to set a vase of flowers, which is what Martine did. Available on Kartell.

Bruno Munari Faikland Hinging Lamp by Danese Milano

Photo courtesy of Martine Cajucom’s Instagram Stories

For her bedroom, Martine got a hanging light fixture. “The tubular elastic material is given shape by the insertion of some metal rings of different diameters in the hollow space within it.” It also comes in different lengths (small, medium, and large), so you can pick which one best suits your space depending on the height of your ceiling. Available online.

Dutch Hanging Wall Shelves by A. Dekker for Tomado

Photo courtesy of Martine Cajucom’s Instagram Stories

Looking for some extra storage for your apartment? Take some inspiration from Martine’s shelf pick. These are wall shelves that are adjustable. Put this up in your kitchen to organize your food or in your home office to display books and photos. Available online.

Vitra Uten.Silo I

Photo courtesy of Martine Cajucom’s Instagram Stories

Stationery freaks will love this piece that Martine got. This wall organizer can technically be used in any room of your place but she “will fill this up with cute pens and markers.” There different-sized holders, hooks, and clips so get creative when using this. Available online.


Art by Marian Hukom

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