May 27, 2018

What’s so special about ‘Citizen Jake’? Aside from Atom Araullo, of course

The highly anticipated movie Citizen Jake premiered on May 23 and I’ve seen more praises than criticism on social media. Directed by Mike De Leon and starring Atom Araullo, the movie revolves around a man who tries to solve the murder of a student. Based on the synopsis alone, you’ll get the sense that it will have twists and turns.

For the past few days, many have been calling for more showing dates for Citizen Jake. If you’re curious and need something to hype you up, we checked out what people have been saying about the film to see what’s special about it.

Said to be controversial

Last year, Mike told GMA News that he made this film as an expression of alarm over the Marcoses’ return to power. “[Perhaps] the specter of the Marcoses returning to power spooked me, and we had just elected a President who believed that the regime of Ferdinand Marcos was not bad at all. And as things are turning out, this President is determined to outdo the dead dictator in his sociopathic quest for absolute power.”

One character seems very familiar

“Never give a woman a voice in anything that matters.” I feel like I’ve heard these lines somewhere before.

A reminder as a citizen of this country

The poem Bayan Mo, written by Lou Veloso, was quoted in the film. It’s said to be an important focal point for the film, as well as a reminder for all of us to do what we can for the country.

Portrays what should never happen again

As mentioned earlier, the Marcoses rise in power inspired this film. Hence, Citizen Jake gives a nod to the #NeverAgain protests against the family. Also, the film’s Facebook page posted some of the (unfortunately) memorable quotes from the Martial Law era—like this one from Imelda Marcos.


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