May 16, 2018

This Is How Bea Alonzo Keeps Herself From Burning Out


Bea Alonzo has been an actress for years now and I’m sure you’ve seen and loved at least one of her movies, she even has one that’s showing todayKasal with leading men Paulo Avelino and Derek Ramsey. And although her work and personal life is always in the spotlight, how much do we really know about the actress? All the information we get are from headlines online and her occasional social media posts. What you’ll get when you meet Bea is someone who’s truly genuine, someone who loves to connect with people she’s working with. So much so that we had funny conversations and jokes during our shoot! 


In an effort to share a different side of her, here’s something a little more personal about Bea, her career and what simply drives her.

How did you prepare for your new film Kasal and how is this different or similar to your previous films?

Actually, I didn’t have much preparations since I came from shooting A Love to Last. But I was very lucky to have a director like direk Ruel [S. Bayani] who is very collaborative, and asks us about our suggestions and our views on the characters. Therefore, I can actually own the character. And how is this different from my other roles? Well, plot-wise, it’s so different. I can’t tell you yet what the plot is but you have yet to see how it is different.

Is there a different type of movie plot you would like to be part of aside from the usual romance films?

Yes, of course, a lot. Not just plot, genre, eh. I would like to do a musical film (if someone will produce! [Laughs]), at the same time, produce a film. I would like to do a noir heist [and] suspense.


How do you make sure you don’t get burnt out working in this industry?

I make sure I still love what I do.

Are there any social issues you wish you could tackle through your acting?

Yes! A lot of different social issues, especially education.


Do you have any memorable moments from meeting your fans?

Yes, meron. This was back in 2004, if I’m not mistaken. John Lloyd Cruz and I were still young then, and we went to Washington D.C. There was a lola there—one of the producers asked us to go to her house there. The producer doesn’t do a lot of shows, but [he/she] saved a lot so that our tour could have a Washington leg. Because [his/her] mom or lola’s husband passed away and they had to take her abroad because she doesn’t have any immediate family members in the Philippines. She was so depressed when she got to Washington, so they got TFC (The Filipino Channel) and she became a fan of It Might Be You and the Bea-John Lloyd tandem. It’s like she got a new love for life, and she got a lot posters and pictures of us in their home.

When we went there, she was literally crying. I thought about how our movies and series can impact people so much. It’s like we’re becoming part of the everyday lives of Filipinos no matter what part of the globe.


How do you deal with bashers on social media?

I just don’t mind them. [Ed’s note: A life lesson we should all practice!]

Activities outside of work that keep you positive?

I like to run. And yeah, I like to cook.


Now that you know more about Bea, find out who she would date, marry, or kill among international and local celebrities. We had her play a quick game so check out that video below.


Look 1: Tuxedo, Orias Studios by Vin Orias; Silk slip top, Eve Design Studios; White pencil skirt, Anthony Ramirez; So Kate white pumps, Christian Louboutin. Look 2: Lavender full suit, Jun Escario; White silk dress (used as top), Eve Design Studios; So Kate white pumps, Christian Louboutin. Look 3: White bishop sleeve top, Basic Movement; Nude corset, Maldita; Ecru linen pants, Vania Romoff; So Kate white pumps, Christian Louboutin.

Photos by RG Medestomas
Produced by Jacque De Borja and Tisha Ramirez
Styling by Ryuji Shiomitsu and Carlos Tomawis
Creative Direction by Nimu Muallam
Video by Javier Lobregat

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