May 01, 2018

I Tried a Detox Massage to Complement My Yin Yang Yoga

2018 0501 Chi Nei Tsang

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“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

These words posted by my yoga student in her Instagram testimony (after she attended my Yin Yoga class for the first time) echoed in my head over and over again and would be my personal theme for this month. As I am writing this, it’s the middle of April, a fire element where we have the cosmic forces helping us to reach beyond our boundaries in order for us to grow.

Last week, I embarked on a new journey, yet again, into another healing modality. I signed up for a four-day Chi Nei Tsang certification course in Bahay Kalipay, a raw food and detox center in Puerto Princesa, Palawan—just a five-hour drive down south from where I live! This is definitely a dream come true for me as I check off one of my life’s bucket-list despite an accumulation of children. Who would’ve thought that many years ago I was totally dismayed because I wished to enroll in this training all the way in Chiangmai, Thailand but couldn’t because I was always breastfeeding a baby. I still am nursing my youngest, a 10-month old infant, but found a way to make it all work out with other understanding mothers and helpers in Puerto Princesa. Yes, I actually was able to find “a village” pronto. This is proof that the universe makes ways for you—that’s if you want it bad enough.

Chi Nei Tsang is a detoxifying abdominal massage founded by ancient Taoist monks. Slow accurate strokes and deep pressure into the belly region gives back energy to the internal organs and corrects the flow within. When one experiences trauma, there could be a blockage held in our connective tissues, or even inside our organs that could wreak havoc in the rest of our system. Our gut is what they call our second brain so there is so much new information about how our general health relies heavily on how happy our guts are. I’ve always had digestive issues and as a healer, I know that it stems energetically from what I have not digested—whether it is food or some unfavorable events in the past. In Tagalog, we have the term, “kung ano yung hindi mo masikmura” or “what you cannot stomach” in English. Amazing how language can be so accurate, sometimes!

I was truly drawn to this massage technique because it complements my Yin Yoga practice perfectly. Just like Yin, Chi Nei Tsang is all about going within, getting truly intimate with your own body and healing from the inside out. I wouldn’t say that it is a relaxing massage on its own. Compared to an Aromatherapy or Swedish massage where you find yourself drooling on the massage table within minutes of starting, Chi Nei Tsang may look a bit imposing (definitely almost no boundaries between giver and receiver if you watch one done!), and may even be uncomfortable or painful to very sensitive people. However, the toxic release from the different organs inevitably gets you into this relaxed state. That was my experience, at least. Much like a Yin Yoga class to me, really! You start off with some level of discomfort, but end with pure bliss.

“Miracles happen outside of your comfort zone,” they say. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to move forward and manifest your goals?

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