May 01, 2018

Let’s Talk About Movie Etiquette and What You Shouldn’t Do

With box office hits like Avengers: Infinity War premiering recently, people have been filling up cinemas to get first dibs at their favorite films. Many even go the extra mile and go for 3-D (if it’s available) to immerse themselves more. It’s the perfect night-out for me, to be honest.

But sometimes our movie-going doesn’t always go well. Particularly because of people who break etiquette rules while inside the cinema. And it goes beyond the “no talking” and “silent your phones” rules we’re all used to hearing by now. Allow us to list some of them down below as a reminder for us the next time we watch a movie. You can share your own rules too based on your experiences!

Unnecessarily loud comments

Movies with cult followings like Star Wars and Avengers usually have hyped-up fans present in the cinema. Many of them will cheer when a character appears or when they’ve defeated the bad guy. That’s all good, but sometimes there might also be people who would constantly shout their comments at the screen. This distracts other patrons and even make it difficult for them to hear what the actors are saying (unless there are subtitles). Remember that you’re not watching the movie in your couch at home so keep your violent reactions to yourself until you’ve left the cinema.

Chewing loudly

Popcorn and nachos may be crunchy, but that doesn’t mean you should let other people hear it too. Besides, isn’t it common courtesy to chew with our mouths closed?

Texting during the movie

Remember that no matter how much you hide your phone while texting, we can still see the screen’s light. Once is forgivable, but always pulling it out throughout the movie can get pretty annoying. We’re in a dark room, one flicker of light from the same row is enough to distract anyone from the movie. Also, please don’t text inside the cinema because you might miss the best parts!

Explaining parts

This is technically under “no talking,” and it’s still equally distracting. It starts off with someone asking what’s going on and why a scene happened. Then the companion—who’s either paying attention or has already seen the film once—explains at length, probably until the next scene appears. Please, can you save it until you’ve grabbed dinner right after or during the ride home?

Leaving trash in the seats

There are always janitors waiting with big plastic bags or bins after a movie. The least you can do is pick up your popcorn baskets and plastic cups, and throw them once you’ve stood up. Or at least put them in one paper bag so you can throw it later. Don’t leave litter on your seat because there’s another batch of movie-goers waiting outside.


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