April 30, 2018

These Post-‘Infinity War’ Theories Will Hype You Up for the Next Marvel Movies

Before anything else, this will have major Avengers: Infinity War spoilers. If you haven’t seen it yet (you should), you better click away right now. (Unless you’re really seeking out spoilers, then by all means scroll away.)

It’s been almost a week since Infinity War premiered and the hype hasn’t died down. The film raked in a whopping P141.6 million during its opening day in the Philippines. And, as of writing, it’s expected earn an estimate of $630 million globally, setting a record for biggest opening weekend of all time.

But that’s not the only thing fans are interested in. They’re also looking at the possible theories and outcomes after Infinity War, especially after the deaths of major characters and how Thanos will be defeated by the next set of superheroes. Although these aren’t canon yet, these speculations might still give you hope for the future. Or just even more despair.

How will Captain Marvel defeat Thanos?

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In the end-credit scene, Captain Marvel‘s insignia was shown on Nick Fury’s beeper, signaling that she will be the one who will have to fight Thanos. It’s only fitting since Captain Marvel is slated to premiere in March 2019, two months before Avengers 4. But people are questioning how she’ll do it since canonically, it wasn’t Carol Danvers who defeated Thanos.

Bustle suggested that she might use time travel. Although she doesn’t have the power to do that like Doctor Strange, “her DNA is fused with a Kree warrior’s, and that gives her some impressive skills including super-strength, flight, the ability to exist in space, and, likely, enough durability to make it safe for her to navigate the quantum realm.” That said, how will she do that exactly?

Ant-Man to the rescue

The only superhero who has access to the quantum realm is Ant-Man. Assuming that he’s not part of the 50 percent that turned to dustthen he might play a greater role in the fight against Thanos. Bustle continued their theory, noting that there’s a possibility that Ant-Man and Captain Marvel might work together to save the universe. An unlikely duo but who knows?

Valkyrie is probably still out there

IGN India pointed out that Valkyrie wasn’t on the ship that Thanos attacked at the start of Infinity War. Thor clarified that only half of the Asgardian refugees were killed, raising the possibility that Valkyrie might have survived. Especially since there was no sign of her body in the scene. It’s also unlikely that she turned to dust since Asgard already lost more than half of its population, so maybe the Infinity Gauntlet skipped over their ship.

Possible resurrections

After the “deaths” of several of the major characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man, fans have been asking why they were killed off when they had sequels. One possibility is that their upcoming films will happen pre-Infinity War. Another is that they’ll be resurrected in Avengers 4 via the Soul Stone.

Comic Book noted that there are two kinds of deaths in the film: the permanent kind (Gamora and Vision) and being wiped out from this world. The characters who turned into dust fall under the latter, hence, there’s still a possibility that they’ll come back. How? By accessing the Soulworld within the Soul Stone, aka, the orange-tinted dimension where Thanos saw young Gamora. This means that all of our favorite characters’ souls are simply trapped inside the stone and the only way to get them out is to a.) break the stone or b.) make a sacrifice like Thanos did.

Will Captain America or Iron-Man eventually die?

Lets now talk about the second mentioned above: There’s a fan theory going around that Iron-Man or Captain America might sacrifice each other in order to get all the stones. Buzzfeed’s Keely Flaherty explained that if the Avengers were to grab the Infinity Gauntlet, they won’t necessarily have control over the Soul Stone right away. In order to do that, one must sacrifice the person they love most.

Most of the Avengers have already lost the people important to them within the team. So Keely theorized that either Tony Stark or Steve Rogers will do the job because even though they’re not speaking, they hypothetically still respect each other. It also makes sense since Iron-Man and Captain America: The First Avenger kickstarted the Avengers era all those years ago, and their possible deaths will signal a brand new MCU era. And they get to resurrect half of the universe too.

New superheroes

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Nothing’s set in stone for MCU’s upcoming movies and cast yet so fans are still hoping for the appearance of two superheroes: Adam Warlock and Squirrel Girl.

In the comics, these two have defeated Thanos in separate instances. Adam, who is inside the golden cocoon in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, was present during the Infinity War comic. He also worked with the Avengers and Captain Marvel to fight the Mad Titan. Plus, he has the ability to enter the Soulworld at will and he can save everyone inside it if possible. As of now though, there’s still no confirmation on whether he’ll appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 or any of the MCU films.

Photo courtesy of Stack Exchange

Meanwhile, Squirrel Girl defeated Thanos with the help of her squirrels. It sounds silly but it did happen. There’s also a running joke that she’s the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe since she also defeated other powerful characters like Wolverine, Doctor Doom, and Deadpool. She’s slated to appear in New Warriors though, but it’s free to wish for her to join the MCU roster.


Screengrab from Avengers: Infinity War

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