April 16, 2018

The Hidden Meaning Behind Beyoncé’s Yellow Hoodie at Coachella

There were several things about Beyoncé performing at Coachella that people couldn’t stop talking about. Her 26-song set list, the records she broke, her outfit changes, and that Destiny’s Child reunion. (We’re still not over them, to be honest.) But there’s also one detail that didn’t escape the Beyhive: the “BAK” on Beyoncé’s yellow hoodie.

After her iconic Balmain outfit, Beyoncé changed into a yellow hoodie and denim shorts look. The marching band behind her also wore a similar hoodie with “BAK” on the front.

Naturally, people started asking if she’s throwing hints during the performance. One speculated that it might be the name of Beyoncé’s new album. Because you know, she basically invented the surprise drop.

But other fans were quick to point out that it’s a sorority symbol that reads “Beta Delta Kappa.” It makes sense too considering that there was a marching band and stomp dancing all throughout the performance.

Photo courtesy of CapitalXtra

Another possible way to read it is “Beyoncé Delta Knowles.” And it just so happens that Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet too. (Bey loves the number four in case you didn’t know.)

Photo courtesy of CapitalXtra

Interesting. We’re not in college anymore but we don’t mind joining that sorority if Beyoncé is leading us. Now if you excuse, we’re going to re-watch clips from Beychella the whole morning.



Photo courtesy OkayPlayer via Getty Images

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