How To Cop BTS’ Fashion Sense

“Music is not just about listening anymore … You can see it nowadays…the visuals are very important,” BTS’ Suga said in a Billboard interview last February. Indeed, fashion is essential in the success of any K-pop group and BTS obviously is killing the game. Their outfits at the 2017 AMAs red carpet has captured the attention of esteemed fashion publications, including Vogue. Even our own Kris Aquino has been converted to a full-fledged fan because of one of their Gucci jackets.

They are well on their way to becoming fashion icons so we can’t blame you if you would get inspired to start following their fashion sense. Get your wallets ready because the boys don’t skimp on clothes. Here are some pieces to help you cop BTS’ style.

OFF-WHITE Woman Crew Neck

BTS’ casual outfits often consist of street-style brands such as OFF-WHITE. They’ve been sporting their hoodies and sweatshirts since 2015. If you aren’t ready to go all-out with street style, this sweatshirt is for you with its minimalist design but with a dash of bright color. Available online.

Puma x Shantell Martin Pants

Since Puma has named BTS their newest global ambassadors last February, it only makes sense to include the brand on the list. The boys have always had a love for track pants, as seen in their music video for “Mic Drop” or even in their notable airport fashion. These subtle track pants are also a way on how to get into street-style and are easily paired with comfortable tops. Available on Farfetch.

Saint Laurent Smocked Blouse in Black Silk with Gold Diamond Shapes

“Blood Sweat and Tears” has to be one of their most notable music videos in terms of fashion. The members were styled with baroque-esque outfits to match the extravagant set design. Inspired by this music video, this silk blouse would be perfect for more formal occasions. But it can also be dressed down for everyday looks by pairing it with some casual trousers. Available at Shangri-La Plaza.

Gucci Embroidered Denim Jacket

This list cannot be complete without some Gucci in it. V has been notorious for wearing Gucci from head to toe and one of his favorite Gucci items is an embroidered denim jacket. From the same collection, this jacket has Gucci’s notable embroidered animals and flowers and with the phrase “L’Aveugle Par Amour” or “Blind For Love” on its back. Available at Greenbelt 4.

Balenciaga Explorer Belt Bag

Fanny packs have recently made a comeback and for sure BTS is on that trend. J-hope is actually known to have a taste in pouches, including designer fanny packs. This simple belt bag is not only stylish but practical with its waterproof nylon material. Available at Greenbelt 5.

Prada Leather Laced Derby Shoes

Last and not the least are the shoes. BTS have a wide taste in footwear, ranging from loud sneakers to velcro sandals. But one of their more versatile choices are Prada’s classic derby shoes. These comfortable shoes can spice up any outfit for a chill day out or for more active occasions, such as going to one of their concerts. Available at Solaire Resort and Casino.


Art by Yayie Motos

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