March 27, 2018

What to Remember to Keep Your Road Trip Safe

The long Holy Week break is near. While some may not be going overseas, there are also still who planned road trips to a local destination or two. We’re sure you’re already packing your bags by the time you read this.

Aside from your travel essentials, it’s also important to have rules for you and your companions during the trip. You’re going to be on the road for hours after all so you must be fully prepared for anything. As someone who’s gone to a lot of road trips in the past, here are the tips that I learned.

Make sure your car’s in good shape

Check the tires, oil, gas tank (bring extra if needed), and the lights. You wouldn’t want to get stranded somewhere far from a city or town. As much as possible, get your car fixed before going on your trip.

Organize your bags properly

Regardless if you’re traveling in a Vios or a Range Rover, you need to arrange your luggage properly. If you’re going to occupy all the seats, put all the bags in the trunk. You should also have a hand-carry where you can put your essentials (phone, wallet, tissue paper, etc.) and place it on your lap so you won’t have to reach for your main bag in the trunk every time.

Don’t squeeze in everybody

A regular-sized car can fit five people so don’t make it more difficult by adding another person inside. Go for a bigger car if you want to take more people in.

Ready your GPS

When I was a kid, my family would rely on a map while we drove to Albay. If Waze was already a thing back then, it would’ve made our trip so much easier. So make sure you have enough phone data and battery to use a GPS while driving. You don’t want to stay on the road longer than you should.

Arrange a convoy

If you’re driving in multiple cars, it can also help if you arrange who’s going to take the lead. Usually the car in front is the one who has the most knowledge of the routes. Sometimes it’s also the car with the stable Internet connection for a GPS. Also, always communicate with whoever’s in front and behind you. Discuss if you need to go on a pit stop or if you’re losing sight of each other on the road.

Bring food and medicine

You’re going to be on the road for hours so you should always have a few snacks and drinks (aka, mostly just water) with you. We suggest you check out this list of healthy snacks so you won’t have to buy mounds of junk food. Plus, don’t forget to bring meds just in case someone feels unwell.

ALWAYS bring trash bags of all sizes

A bigger trash bag will serve as your litter bin for your snacks. You should also bring a smaller bag just in case one of you gets car sick. When you make a stop, be sure to dispose of the bags in the proper trash cans.

Prepare a playlist

If you created numerous Spotify playlists, just plug in your phone to the car’s radio and play them while driving. For a more old-school option, you can always bring CDs if the car has a player. (I can’t believe CDs are considered old-school now.)

Have at least one extra driver in the car

Switching driving shifts is a must if you’re doing an all-nighter trip, especially if the person gets tired easily. This is also important when the someone has too much to drink. So always have another able driver in the vehicle just in case.

Don’t text while driving!

If you really need to check your phone, park your car somewhere safe or ask someone you trust to check it for you. Don’t ever hold your phone while driving to avoid accidents.


Art by Yayie Motos

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