March 20, 2018

Red Velvet’s Irene Read a Feminist Book and Male K-Pop Fans Are Triggered

If you’re looking for an example of how men sh*t on feminism, just look at how male K-pop fans reacted to this news.

Irene, who is a member of all-girl group Red Velvet, was asked during a fan meet last March 18 about the books she’s been reading. She shared that she’s read Kim Ji Young, Born 1982, which is labeled as a feminist novel.

After hearing this, male fans took to an online forum and shared that they’re burning Irene’s photos and postcards. Why? Because that’s what you do when your masculinity is fragile and toxic, I guess.

Fans came to the singer’s defense and emphasized the level of pressure that female idols go through to please male fans. Some also pointed out that Red Velvet may be hinting at their feminist views whenever they kill men in music videos.

Feminism seems to be a touchy topic in the K-pop world. Earlier this year, Apink’s Naeun was criticized for “promoting feminism” with her “Girls can do anything” phone case. There’s also the case of double standards wherein female idols will be criticized for dating scandals, while their male counterparts will go unscathed. Some girl groups in the past were also accused of being demeaning toward other women. Good thing there are fans who educate those who don’t accept feminism in their community.

As for the men who burned Irene’s photos: Pick up a book and read more, would you?



Photo courtesy of Dazed Digital

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