March 16, 2018

Preen Picks: Let This Be Your Background Music This Summer

The type of music we listen is always subjective. The songs that we love can be influenced by our different tastes and people around us. For the summer, people always assume that the music you listen to will be upbeat and happy. That, however, isn’t necessarily the case. Some people might want to hear something more mellow or tunes that have buttery-sounding vocals.

To give you a better understanding of what I’m talking about, I asked people around the office to send me one song each. With it, I asked them for a short explanation as to why they like it and how it reminds them of summer. After reading the excerpts below, you can listen to the playlist of songs. Pick your fave ones or let this list be the soundtrack of your summer.

“Off and On” by Sales

“This song reminds me of summer because my friends and I always listen to SALES when we go to the beach. I can almost imagine this song playing while sipping on a cold beer, surrounded by friends. I like listening to sad songs so this is perfect because it has a mix of mellow and upbeat sounds.” – Samantha Ong, Photographer/Videographer

“Wait” by Maroon 5 ft. Boogie Wit da Hoodie

“I don’t really listen to specific artists and I usually just let Spotify do its thing on shuffle, but this new song by Maroon 5 got my attention because of the beat. I mean, I don’t even really know what the song is about (apparently, it’s about a guy apologizing to his girl for always messing up), the song just makes me feel good/make me bust a move or two when no one is looking.” – Jacque de Borja, Managing Editor,

“This Must Be the Place” by Talking Heads

“I don’t want to explain why I’m choosing this song. I guess you just have to listen to it and let the song speak for itself.” – Oliver Emocling, Editorial Assistant,

“Baby, You Make Me Crazy” by Sam Smith

“Sam Smith and I are both fueled by angst. This is as cheery and lighthearted as it’s gonna get, and it gets pretty close.” – Anthea Reyes, Editorial Assistant,

“Made in Hollywood” by LANY

“When I think of summer, LANY always comes to mind. My friends and I first saw them last summer at Wanderland, and we’ll see them again next month. “Made in Hollywood” is one of my favorite songs from them because it’s so chill and it reminds me of those cheesy teen romance movies. (Oops, guilty pleasure!)” – Jackie Arias, Editorial Assistant,

“Capital Letters” by Hailee Steinfeld ft. BloodPop

“I’ve never seen any of the Fifty Shades movies and I’ve never listened to any of its soundtracks, but this song is such a bop that I can’t get it out of my head ever since I heard it in Spotify’s “New Release” playlist. The groovy synth beats from BloodPop balanced with Hailee Steinfeld’s cool and soft vocals makes the song tolerable to listen to. It reminds me of the beach and a nice cold soda. Coincidentally, the music video was shot in a penthouse that’s near a beach and everything was a visual treat.” – Janica Balasolla, Editorial Assistant, F&B Report

“Slow Down” by Lights Follow

“Most people would probably recognize this as the opening theme for Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City. (There’s a new season on Netflix, by the way!) That montage of the cast jumping into the pool basically sealed this song for me as a summer song. There’s also the fact that Terrace House always gives me major wanderlust (they always go to such amazing/fun-looking places in Tokyo!). As the song suggests, it really does just make me want to slow down and just enjoy life.” – Pau Miranda, Associate Editor,

“Icarus” (Mr. Beatnick Remix) by Lovebirds ft. Galliano

“This song came out in 2015 but I have been listening to it a lot lately. Every time I play this song I can see myself at the beach with my friends watching the sunset and dancing along to the beat. And yes, it makes me sway in my seat when I listen to it at work.” – Tisha Ramirez, Editorial Assistant,

“Questioning Answers” by RH Xanders

“It’s really a vibe. I could listen to this song all day… at home, eyes closed, maybe a little sunlight peering down my face.” – Lex Celera, EIC, Scout (listen to the track here)

“Nunca” by Trails and Ways

“I always listen to it whenever I go on long road trips. It’s a song about the beauty of Brazil (São Paulo to be exact) and how you won’t ever want to go home again after visiting the place.” – Bea Llagas, Editorial Assistant,


Art by Yayie Motos

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