March 12, 2018

Maine Mendoza Suits Up For Her ‘HIMYM’-Themed Birthday Party

When you love something so much, you make it the theme of your birthday party. That’s what Maine Mendoza’s fans when they celebrated her 23rd birthday last night.

The party was How I Met Your Mother-themed. The venue was decorated with yellow umbrellas and she even suited up for the occasion. We’re guessing her fashion peg was Barney Stinson.

She also showed off a framed quote from the series which read, “Somewhere out there is a yellow umbrella for everyone.”

Even her tiered cake had silhouettes of New York City, and “HIMYM” and “The Playbook” written on the surface.

There was also a photo booth that Maine used with her family and friends.

A post shared by 🌠🇺🇸 (@alabanggirl) on Mar 11, 2018 at 10:50am PDT

When the party ended, Maine continued the HIMYM marathon on the ride home. By the looks of it, she was riding a limousine that was decked out with party decorations.

She also thanked everyone on Twitter with an appropriate GIF.

Belated happy birthday, Maine! Your party looked like a blast!


Photo courtesy of Anthea Bueno’s Instagram account

Screengrabs from Maine Mendoza’s Instagram Stories

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