March 11, 2018

Are Clear Plastic Shoes Ideal For the Philippine Climate?

Fashion trends continue to surprise us this year. Before 2017 ended, we wanted clear plastic pieces to take a backseat. But based on what we’re seeing, it seems that plastic boots and stilettos are big this season.

Footwear News predicted that clear plastic would be one of the biggest trends of 2018. They listed pieces from Chanel and Jimmy Choo, calling them rain-ready shoes.

Jimmy Choo | Photo courtesy of Footwear News via Shutterstock

Chanel | Photo courtesy of Footwear News via Shutterstock

Meanwhile, Liz Uy and Kim Kardashian were also spotted wearing clear plastic shoes. Liz wore silver boots wrapped in plastic during New York Fashion Week, and Kim debuted blue PVC shoes from Yeezy season 7 while in Tokyo.

Screengrab from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Stories

If you need even more convincing, we also spotted plastic boots at Sfera’s recent runway show in SM Makati. So yeah, even fast fashion is getting into it.

Photo by Jacqueline Arias

This all seems interesting for some of you because you don’t see transparent shoes being worn in the Philippines all the time. Most especially as an everyday fashion statement. But is it really ideal to wear plastic shoes in this country?

Let’s start with the fact that it’s rainproof. For one, the plastic material will keep your feet dry just as well as rubber boots. As long as the plastic doesn’t wrap around the heel and sole, then you’re safe from slipping on the sidewalk. Although it’s not a good idea to wear high heels during a typhoon—better keep that in mind.

But the rainy season is still months away and we’re just welcoming summer. So when it gets too hot and humid, wearing plastic shoes won’t be ideal because 1. your feet will sweat and 2. everyone will see. Seventeen writer Kelsey Stiegman tested it out and shared photos of the outcome. “The trapped heat from my feet basically turned the booties into shoe-shaped greenhouses—steamy, moist and probably great for growing moss,” she wrote. Yikes!

Photo courtesy of ‘Seventeen’

There you have it, a quick pros and cons of the clear plastic shoe trend. If you want to try it, go right ahead. You can also share your experience to us like how comfy it is and if it’s really an instant foot sauna. We’re really curious!


Art by Yayie Motos

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