March 09, 2018

‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Calls Out Local Magazine For Photoshopping Her Body

Lili Reinhart is not here for photoshopped pictures. In a series of Instagram Stories, she shared that there has been a movement for women’s rights but we still need some work.

One example shoe pointed out was how Cosmopolitan Philippines edited her photos from a cover shoot last February. You can see that her waist was made significantly slimmer. Not that it needed to be.

She also posted photos of Camila Mendes from the same shoot. And they were obviously edited as well.

She went to explain that she and Camila work very hard to be confident in their own skin. This is why she is calling them out on what they did.

Lastly, she encouraged celebrities to stay away from photoshopping their photos because of the unrealistic standards it sets.

Yes, girl! You have every right to call them out. Thank you for inspiring more women to love their bodies no matter what! At Preen, that’s what we always believe in. Preen has also reached out to Cosmopolitan Philippines editor for a statement. Since posting, the image has been deleted from their Instagram feed.


Photo courtesy of Lili Reinhart’s Instagram account

Screengrabs from Lili Reinhart’s Instagram Stories

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