March 08, 2018

KC Concepcion and Aly Borromeo’s Breakup Is the Most Graceful Ever


We saw some heartbreaking news while browsing our Instagram feed just a few minutes ago. KC Concepcion posted a photo with Aly Borromeo from their recent magazine photo shoot with a caption that read like a confirmation of their breakup.

Now that we think about it, we didn’t see Aly in any of KC’s recent Instagram updates. At first we just thought she was busy with an upcoming project (hint: jewelry!) and also her work trips and he with football, but it may actually be because they’ve just decided to end their relationship.

KC’s post read, “If the stars choose to align us together again in the future, then why not? Who knows what will happen then?” Insert sigh and a heartbreak emoji here. “Timing is everything. As for me, I’ve decided to fully support him at the same time move on and spread my wings.”

With maturity comes better understanding of our relationships and priorities. Perhaps that’s what happened with KC and Aly. We’re just amazed at how gracefully they handled this change.

Good luck to both of you!


Photo courtesy of Aly Borromeo’s Instagram account

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