March 23, 2018

The Clapbacks and Tricks to Defend Yourself From Catcalling

As women, we’re often told to watch our backs when we’re at public areas because of men who will catcall and harass us. While many women are brave enough to fend off such creeps, it doesn’t mean that everyone is. Because admittedly, when you’re in that position, you’ll either freeze up or just walk away to avoid conflict.

But that doesn’t mean that this shouldn’t be talked about. How should women defend themselves? How should we educate men in the future about their actions? These were also the same questions that the ladies in San Mig Light’s “Mahaba-habang Usapan” live stream last Feb. 25.

Adding to the conversation, we’re suggesting a few tricks that women can use when someone catcalls or harasses them.

Give your best annoyed side-eye

Tell them off before they finish their sentence

When he gets a little too close

They can’t take a hint? Get your self-defense tool and…

Pretend to cast a curse on them to creep them out

Or just try to deliver a sick, but enlightening, burn

These are just a few suggestions. But of course, you shouldn’t be afraid to report instances of harassment to the proper authorities. If it happens in the workplace, bring it up with HR. (We have tips here.) You can also report cases of harassment to the police in your area just like what Mich Dulce did a few months ago. Catcalling is punishable as well but only in Quezon City, but hopefully it’ll be more widespread after the Safe Spaces Bill gets passed.

So, ladies, be vigilant and fight back against catcallers and harassers in any way you can!


Art by Yayie Motos

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