February 21, 2018

Where Did Meghan Markle Learn to Speak in Filipino?

Last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Edinburgh, Scotland. They were given a warm welcome by crowds from the city, including one couple who was from the Philippines. Meghan was also caught socializing with them and even said a Filipino phrase.

In a Facebook video by Jenny Ulay (which was later reposted by Malcolm Conlan), she was greeted by Meghan as she walked passed them. The royal bride-to-be even greeted Jenny and her husband for their anniversary. Before leaving, Meghan said, “Salamat po!” (Thank you!)

Two things: 1. That was a cute exchange and 2. OMG, who knew Meghan can speak Filipino?

Now we’re curious where she learned our language. Maybe Prince Harry and Prince William taught her a few phrases which they picked up from their Filipino nanny. What do you think?


Photo courtesy of Kensington Palace’s Instagram account

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