February 15, 2018

Cleaning Hacks for the Strong, Independent Woman

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I’m finally living on my own and one of the things I realized was that cleaning and keeping my new place tidy is the most tedious thing in the world. I’m pretty sure you feel me, most especially since the start of the year is usually reserved for spring cleaning and decluttering.

I own a dog and I’m also a germaphobe which means I require multiple steps in order to ensure my home is clean and most of all, sanitized—which obviously takes so much of my time. And in this day and age when we also want to conquer the world, how the heck can I set aside time to clean my bathroom, right?

Well, thank the heavens for multi-purpose cleaners and cleaning hacks because it helped me cut my cleaning time in half! I don’t have to go back and forth when I do something and it leaves my home smelling fresh and clean, which we all know is one the most satisfying things.

Now, let’s hold up on the chatter and get straight to the tips and tricks that will help you and your home—just as it helped me.

Keep your microwave and refrigerator fresh


When you’re always rushing, storing food and meal prep is the way to go. But that means your ever reliable microwave and refrigerator takes the hit like food stains and splatters that might stink up your precious appliances. An easy way to deal with that is to wipe it down with a damp sponge or towel soaked in lukewarm water and a few drops of Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner (go for the original scent!). Oil and the food comes off easily in just one swipe!

For microwaves, you can also put a bunch of sliced lemon in a bowl of water and heat it up inside, that extends its freshness.

Prevent water stains


After you shower or use your sink, wipe down water with a squeegee or a dry towel to prevent water stains from forming on your tiles and fixtures. You can also keep your bathroom fresh by choosing cleaning materials based on your personal scent preference—lavender to relax and something citrusy if you want something energizing.

Life hack: I sometimes clean my bathroom as I shower (two birds, one stone), so something that smells good is a great bonus!

Remove dirty footmarks on your hardwood floors


Footmarks (or in my case, paw prints) can’t be averted. In order to get your floors back to its full glory, start by sweeping or vacuuming loose dirt/dust. Follow it with a mixture of water and the Multi-Surface Cleanser and mop down, just make sure you don’t let the water pool and sit on your floor as it may ruin your gorgeous flooring. Finish it off with some wax and you’ve got shiny floors for the whole week.

Shoo the flu away


Fellow germaphobes, keep your place sanitized by regularly wiping down countertops, doorknobs, and handles with disinfecting wipes. This will clean out all the bacteria you brought it from the outside world and since we’re busy with our plans of world domination, we totally can’t get bugged down with colds or the flu.

Bye, bye pet smell


If you own a cat or dog or any pet for that matter, then you know that no matter how cute they are, they actually leave a certain odor behind. To make sure your home and their favorite resting spot is clean and odorless by regularly brushing off or vacuuming their fur, then following up with a mixture of cleanser and water.

It cleanses and deodorizes in a jiffy making sure your home smells good for you and your pet!

Phew! Doesn’t that make life a little easier? One obvious thing I learned was investing in a cleanser that’s multipurpose. Not only does it cover so much more ground, but it saves on expenses too.

If you have other cleaning tips and hacks, feel free to share them in our comment section below!


Art by Danica Condez

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