February 15, 2018

Sexual Harassment Allegations Resurface Following Shaun White’s Gold Medal Win

Shaun White may have won a gold medal at the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea but he’s under fire for sexual harassment allegations. During an interview he was asked about the allegations made against him in 2016 to which he responded, “I’m here to talk about the Olympics, not gossip.”

Moments after giving that statement, he told The New York Times, “I regret my behavior of many years ago and am sorry that I made anyone—particularly someone I considered a friend—uncomfortable.”

He also doesn’t think that these accusations will ruin his reputation. “My friends, you know, love me and vouch for me, and I think that stands on its own,” Shaun said. He also apologized for referring to the issue as “gossip,” “I’m truly sorry that I used the word ‘gossip,’ It was a poor choice of words to describe such a sensitive subject in the world today.”

According to The Cut, the sexual harassment allegations that are resurfacing are that of Lena Zawaideh, the drummer from his former band. She accused him of “continuous harassment and verbal abuse.” This included forcing her to watch and look at sexually disturbing videos and photos.

Sorry, Shaun but an Olympic win doesn’t excuse that kind of behavior.  

[The New York Times]


Photo courtesy of Shaun White’s Instagram account

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