February 14, 2018

John Mayer’s Skincare Routine May Have a Hint of Heartbreak to It

Single on Valentine’s Day? According to John Mayer, you shouldn’t worry about it because you’ll get perfectly smooth skin.

I know that sounded weird, but the singer shared his secret to smooth and youthful skin on Instagram Stories. “I don’t smoke and I don’t drink anymore and I don’t go out in the sun and I don’t eat and I don’t love anybody,” he said.

Wait, so not loving anybody can give you great skin?

To be fair, John isn’t with someone at the moment—or at least, that’s what everyone thinks. But he has admitted in the past that he’s written songs about his ex Katy Perry in his latest album The Search For Everything. He even watched her sleep during her 96-hour livestream. John may not be in love with someone but he still seems pretty hung up on Katy (who is back together with Orlando Bloom, BTW).

But hey, whatever floats his boat, right? Maybe he’s onto something here with the whole “I don’t love anybody” skincare advice. Either that or he’s just messing with us and still following his $600 routine.

[W Magazine]


Photo courtesy of John Mayer’s Instagram account

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